1982 Landscaping the Park

1982 July 13 Glasgow Roada

The exact date is known as 13th July 1982. A new looking sports centre and Clydeview Shopping Centre with landscaping works started. Who remembers the original landscaping which looked like this? An attempt at creating a focal point for the newly developed Glasgow Road, this “dip” was eventually filled in.

Makes me wonder if this was simply filled over, or if time was taken to remove the sleepers. This the site which is now the location of the annual festive event. I can’t help but notice that even 2 years after the shopping centre opening, and the apparent outcry from traders as to lack of places to trade in Blantyre, it is telling that many of the ASDA owned units were still boarded up. Rents, that only large companies could afford.

This whole subject will be extensively explored in my sequel book about “Glasgow Road – North.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Liane Guthrie Was this not a wee swing park for a while
Davy Thomson I think originally there was a wee swing park there, and a kids chute covered in cladding
Bryan Deazeley Aye there was a wee Chute in the park. It was mounted on logs/split logs with two benches underneath. We used to eat our Lightbody’s roll’n’chips under it when it was raining. A 21p Lightbody’s roll’n’chips and a 17p can of Coke from ASDA……. the lunch of many a BHS pupil back in the day.
Karen Gallacher I was wondering when there was going to be a pic of this wish there was one of the wee park spent most lunchtime there to with lightbodys chips
Craig Forrest Used to be a metal airplane climbing frame
Jack Trainer I might have worked on that.I was working with the Job Creation scheme based in Burnbank at that time .We worked on a few jobs like that around Hamilton, Burnbank and Blantyre.There were 5 or 6 squads of us who were sent about to different sites like this.
Sharyn Sn This was a park for a good few years and had seating area too.
The chute was wooden made from Logs, was sad to see it go played there for years!! X

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