Glasgow Road at Joanna Terrace, 1977

1977 Glasgow Road Chemist2

Who remembers “Murray’s The Chemist” on Glasgow Road? These photos taken in 1977 show the chemist at the corner of Joanna Terrace and Glasgow Road. There has been a long tradition of a chemist being on that spot, even going back to prior WW2 and indeed Lloyds Chemist is there today.

In the background is of course the former St Joseph’s Primary School. If architects plans remain unchanged, this exit is now the  proposed one of 2 which will lead from the forthcoming new care hub.

1977 Glasgow Road Chemist1

The outside of the 3 storey tenement hasn’t changed much at all in the last 4 decades. What can you tell me about this property? Did anybody reading this live or are living there? I’ve still to write in detail about this side of the road.

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Jim McSorley Taken on a sunny winters day. Can see the shadows of Clydesdale bank ( then) off the building. Great old photos with Joes in the background .
Yvonne Holmes My sister worked for there for years remember it well
Frank Kelly Was Mr Murray a tall, dark haired guy with black glasses? I’m 57 but I remember this as a kid.
Lainey McGuckin Aye Frank
Marie Mc Millan Aww a still call it Murray lol
Sylvia Mclaughlin Mind going for Hewlets cream
Anne Irvine Used to do the optician bit aswel.
Anna C Murray My late husband,Martin Murray opened the chemist in 1964 (from an empty shop) and we were there till 1986. 22years of wonderful memories
Jacqueline Budris Anna C Murray I remember you both fondly Anna collecting the prescriptions from Dr Shepherd’s practice. My first real job receptionist. X
Anna C Murray Thanks Jacqueline,bringing back a lot of memories today.
Linda Halpin Always thought he was a very distinguish man x
Jacqueline Higgins Anna C Murray my auntie jean Reid worked with you and so did her sister my mum Margaret Clarkin 😊
Sheena Mason I remember you and Mr Murray well. Lovely couple! I’m sorry to hear your husband has passed away, he was a gentleman. x
Anna C Murray Jacqueline Higgins Hi Jacqueline,Jean was with us for many years..a great asset to the business and a good friend,Margaret too for a shorter time but well remembered too.
Bernadette Mcparland Mr Murray was a lovely man. I can still remember the inside and the smell of the chemist to this day.
Elizabeth O’Brien Mind the weigh machine? 1p to weigh urself.
Gail Chalmers My sister, Aileen Wilson, worked there
Stephen Allan Anuone know when this became a Lloyds chemist?
Moira Kellachan I worked in Murray’s part time about 1974 got to know a lot of lovely people.
Teresa MacLeod Muir A lovely friendly, supportive chemist was good for the community. Mr Murrayalways in attendance great atmosphere must have visited from about 1979 to 1986 as a community nurse and customer.
John Crothers When I got married I stayed in top flat above the shop in 1972 it was 4 Joanna terrace
Eleanor Rushworth How wonderful to have so many fond memories of Martin Murray, the Chemist. He was married to my dear cousin Anna. I have fond memories of them visiting us in Canada. It was nice to see where he worked.
Jane Scobbie That was my granny’s apartment next door to the chemist n when she moved out the chemist bough it and it became their store room and also it eventually it was used to make the chemist slightly larger.
Anne Ellis Remember falling down the winding stone stairs and bashing my noggin when about 6 guess thats what happened to me before anyone asks lol
Catherine Murphy I remember the chemist and the optician next door got a few pair of glasses out of there
Wullie Clarkin My wife and sister !n law both worked there


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  1. my wife and i bought our first home together at number 4 joanna terr, this was directly above murray the chemists, this was back in 1975, we were told at the time of purchase that due to subsidence the building would only be up for around another 15 years, we sold the flat 4 years later and moved to heathcliffe ave in coatshill, 40 odd years later the building is still occupied and looking really well, we both have a lot of happy memories of our first home together.

  2. My great grandparents along with their 4 children lived in Joanna Terrace till they emigrated to New Zealand in 1908

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