Cobbled Streets & Crossings


Cobbled streets in Lanarkshire weren’t just apparent where trams once ran. Very often n the 19th and 20th Century, pedestrian crossing points were “reinforced” with cobbles or stone setts. Laid into the road, this provided a mud free crossing point from pavement to pavement in times before tarmac.

 I couldn’t find any remaining examples of this, except at Auchinraith Road near Gavin Watson Printers. However, there are still several examples in nearby Burnbank, like the one I pictured in August 2019. The top layer of tarmac, very thin, just simply laid on top of the old pedestrian crossing.

1930 cobbles at st josephs wm

Do you know of any other places in Blantyre that have cobbles immediately below the tarmac, or exposed like this?

Pictured in the late 1920’s outside St Joseph’s Church is Glasgow Road, Blantyre, showing just how much of the road surface used to be covered with stone.

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Tracy Stirling Paul the little lane going down the side of Mo,s shop in High Blantyre going into Victoria st. has cobbles in it.
Anne Irvine Yip. Top of Victoria st. Murder to walk on lol

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