1982 Clydeview Shopping Centre

1982 13th July Clydevew Shopping Centre1

13th July 1982. The Clydeview Shopping Centre hadn’t yet been opened even 2 years but some of the units were still boarded up. I can see Lightbodys Bakers next to Glen Travel. Also Motorist Discount Centre (MDC) on the corner. The centre looks very familiar, clean but the hard landscaping pretty “bog standard”. This was a time before all the lovely marble and granite plinths and slabs. Its easy to see from these pictures why there was a need to improve this landscaped area, which had become the new entrance into the park. The grey 2 x 2 concrete slabs did nothing at all for the area.

Do you remember this scene? Photos Courtesy: Hay

1982 13th July Clydevew Shopping Centre2

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Linda Marshall Lightbodys…chip butties! I can still taste them
David Jamieson I remember the Motorist Discount Centre I used to buy spray paint with my pocket money and re-spray my Raleigh Grifter every couple of weeks. Also remember going into the ASDA cafe for a bacon burger and chips , delicious
Karen Cunningham Craigens Aw Linda Marshall those were the days at school going for a chip buttie at lunch the smell of the vinegar hated when they put too much on and my roll was soggy x
Alan Reid Remember like it was yesterday, going to asda cafe and eating it in the front part and getting chased, loved the lightbodys chips
Stephen Allan Need some help guys. At the bottom corner on the side where Glen Travel was I seem to remember a printers business being in there. Am I right or not? And also, when did Motorist Discount Centre become the frozen food shop capital?
AAnnette Keenan Lightbodys at lunchtime for the best roll n chips you’ll ever get ❤️ wee Kate brown serving xx
Caroline Rundell Good old kelvin central bus x only one word for lightbodys – chips!!!
Sharon McCafferty I worked in lightbody’s at weekend when at school around 1989 and done my work experience in their Betty the manager was great with me and you couldn’t beat a roll & chips with soggy vinegar roll especially if you were just out swimming

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