1891 Blantyre Real Estate

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This real estate map advert from 1891 advertises 12 blocks of land for sale at the Blantyre Estate, but not in our Scottish town of Blantyre. It was in what is now the Brisbane suburb of Mount Gravatt East, Australia! Extensive publicity was published in Brisbane newspapers for the estate, named after our own town.

Always fascinated to hear of places around the world with such direct links to Blantyre.

“This property recommends itself to the notice of investors, surrounded as it is by vineyards and farms, which speaks well for its adaptability for fruit culture, &c.” (The Telegraph, 19 June 1891, p.8)

Back in 2017, for a “mere”  £245,000 you could own 28 acres of land, complete with its own “Blantyre Road” and a large lake.


With thanks to Marion Turner for the advert.

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