‘Militant’ girls deliver chair, 1979

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This was a determined picket line pictured in High Blantyre in January 1979. But one vehicle COULD get through, a powered chair for a disabled girl.

The girls outside ‘Executive Manufacturing Garments’ in Blantyre Industrial Estate bought the expensive chair from money raised at bingo nights and raffles.

Student Lynn Gordon (18) of 18 Stonefield Crescent was to be presented  with the buggy inside the factory but on the day, the workers pictured were locked out for their part in a holding a union meeting during working hours.

The ‘militant girls’ didn’t let that diminish their intentions. They got hold of a milk float and delivered the chair right to Lynn’s door!

Marie Bell who shared this photo told me, “On clearing out some family paperwork I came across this photograph/newspaper article from 1979. I think the factory mentioned, Executive Manufacturing Garments’ was originally Hector Powe.  My Mum, Agnes Steven, nee Smith, deceased, is sixth from the left in the light coloured raincoat.  The only other person I recognise is Nettie Dunn, second from the right who was a friend of my Mum.”

Are you pictured or know any of the ladies?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Inez Jardine Pearl Glancy 1st from left…Inez Jardine 3rd from the left…Jacqueline Copeland 4th from left..last person on the right next to Nettie is Lizzie Mcparland….just can’t remember rest of the names but know all the faces…oh so long ago..I remember your mum Agnes too

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  1. Lovely photo of your Daughter Paul, she looks a real sweetie.. Just to up date you on Croftfoot, I do not seem to have any correspondence for you that would be of any interest. I think you already have the details of Kirkton Park. They only thing I have are two items of furniture, one a long case clock (still trying to find out the makers name, Courthraple) and a very nice Georgian bureau.Both have been handed down from Croftfoot. Not sure if they would be of interest if yes, I will send some photo’s. regards Jan Jackson

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