1950 High Blantyre Park Pool


Elizabeth Weaver shared this beautiful photo, a first time certainly I’ve ever seen the former Paddling Pool at High Blantyre Park. (Kirkton Park).

Located near the entrance to Broompark Avenue, the paddling pool I believe was built in the 1940s, though this photo dates around 1950. The houses at Broompark Avenue are in the background. Baby Elizabeth is pictured with her mum.

I felt a little sadness seeing just how nice and popular this was then, by comparison to this area today. The park is largely underused, the pool now grassed over , the beautiful flower beds long gone.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ann Odonnell First i knew there was a pool here, remember the lower blantyre one
Margaret Elma Griffin Remember it well it was a lovely Park then
Margaret Mary OSullivan Brilliant photo! Captures the fun of a day in the public park- children shrieking and laughing as they play in the is pool; families gathered at the side and little Elizabeth sitting with her Mum with their picnic provisions beside them. Oh, to step into that photo and back to the fifties!
Irene Dickman Spent many happy summers playing there. Nice memories
Maisie Whittaker I remember the pool ,it was always high Blantyre park my mum and dad took me
Karen Paterson many happy times spent in that park back in the day, hiding from the Parkie
Arlene Campbell Played in this park often in the 70s … looks idyllic . Picnics
Hazel Aitken Spent my childhood in this park. Remember the paddling pool fondly.
Elizabeth Weaver I think it would be 1949, Paul, because Brian was born in 1950 and he’s not in the photo. I would be 2. Brian Weaver and I are still indignant to see that Mum and Dad were drinking Tizer (bottle in background) 😅 We were never allowed fizzy drinks!
Ealasaid Ann Stewart The parky used to go around in his black suit
Jeanette Allardyce Ward It seems to be the same story with all the lovely parks in Blantyre. Very sad
Mick Watson Amazing what councils could do then when money was very right, not even interested in the parks now
Karen Menzies This park was like our back garden for years in the late 70s early 80s iRemember john the parky and all the well kept gardens ! We played her almost every day as we stayed beside the baptist church , I remember the pool area became a massive sand pit and then a trampoline area . My mum has a pic of me in the early 70s in front of the flower beds on a glorious summers day !. Great memories
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco He kept the gardens beautiful
Joe King This is a terrific photo, I’ve lived the house in the background for the past 30 years, is there any possibility of a copy of this photo? It would have been great to have a pool over the garden wall lol !
Liz Allan When i was at high blantyre primary in the 60’s we used to sneak down to lay as we weren’t allowed out the gates. My how times change. My friend Carol Rhodes lived in the estate next to it x great memories.
Keith MacLean Right outside my back door 1967 till 1984 Great Days,24 Greenhall Place
Alison Adam Played in that pool in the 60s. Loved it
Stephen Kelly When I was a wee boy there used to be like a bumper car hire thing just off the Broompark Avenue entrance. Late 80s. Looks like it might’ve been where the paddling pool was. Anyone else remember this?
Barry Gallacher Stephen Kelly yer right boss, before that they had trampolines over the area, YT ruined it lol
Brian John Frankham Played in that pool in the mid 50’s when visiting my granny! Memories
Irene Crawford Great photo …the Duchess park in Motherwell had a paddling pool also. Happy memories playing there



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