1985 Asda Entrance

How easily it is to forget how ASDA once looked. These photos from 1985 show the original branding and entrance to the Blantyre store.

Who worked in ASDA in the 80s? What’s your memories of the store?

1985 Asda Entrance

Glasgow Road certainly looked different from the previous decade, and despite the new looking buildings and lack of modern hard landscaping, Clydeview Shopping Centre’s western block still looks very familiar today.

1985 Clydeview Shopping Centre from Gl Rd

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Fraser Cosh I’m loving these old photos from the late 70s and 80s. Especially the cars which we all remember from growing up that are now “classics”
Jane Burns Ralston Fraser Cosh awe I remember mum went her shopping there and we loved going to the wee cafe for burgers & chips 👍😋 better than MacDonald’s any day
Kevin Mitchell Fraser Cosh what is the blue car on the left mate? I know the Renault Fuego, Ford Escort Mk3 and the Vauxhall Victor, but I’m not sure about the other. I’m thinking Austin Marina?
Stuart Oneil worked here 88 -94. started part time.fruit and veg dept, which was at the back of the store.used to wear a blue overall and all the produce had to be weighed by us at weigh scales before going to the main till.used to wear boater hats as well.😃francis marra was the store manager. little hitler we called him!
Elizabeth Kennedy I worked here in 1986 till 1993 part time. Started on checkouts (which we needed to input the prices manually on, making sure the department it went through was correct) then moved into the cash office which I absolutely loved. Had a blue checked overall which you wore over your own clothes. Checkout manager when I started was Mrs Mcfarlane/mcFarland??? Then Mrs Martin took over. I was friends with her daughter at school. I also remember Mr Marra marching about the store. I always found him pleasant but he did run a tight ship!
Arlene Campbell I remember the smell of the bakery when you walked in and they had little samples to taste …. not the same place for sure
Janet Saunders Arlene Campbell the fresh bread & rolls were yummy
Arlene Campbell Janet Saunders cherry cookies
Margaret Mcdade Aww remember Cath Martin worked there but worked for United Biscuits instore merchandised for them xx
Sharon Morrison Doonin Gary is that my dad’s yellow Viva?
Drew Burnett Worked in the baggage drop off, door security and collecting trolleys on leaving school with the odd job thrown in! Had great times.
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i was 1 of the 1st workers in asda when it opened, i remember going for my interview in the welfare club at the time. i worked in the warehouse as a fork lift driver.
Hrh GeorgeandHarry Can anyone remember the celebrity that officially opened the store? I remember my mum working as a merchandiser for parks cakes in the store and got me their autograph. I’ve still got it all those years on
Steven Park LOOK at it now, a disgrace, LETS not worry though, im SURE ASDA WILL put up the shops it promised, MY ARSE

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  1. I remember them building Asda was so exciting to watch all the new buildings going up and old coming down. Can’t believe how little space left in Blantyre now so congested 70s were great fun there.

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