1976 Blantyre Old Parish Church

1976 Aug 19 Blantyre Old2

These photos were taken on 19th August 1976. They are of course of Blantyre Old Parish Church in High Blantyre. This was a time around 2 months before the arrival of fondly remembered Rev Jonathan Silcox.

Photos Courtesy: G Hay

1976 Aug 19 Blantyre Old1

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Mari Pollock Thompson Going to High Blantyre Parish with my Gran on Sunday was a ritual. I remember putting money in her envelope which she filled every week. Me and my twin Margo were told how to behave during the service, as our Gran would not tolerate us being disrespectful in the house of God. However, she didn’t mind giving us a mint imperial through the sermom. Those were the days!
Irene Dickman Many happy memories of Sunday services and of course leaving half way through to cross the road to the hall for Sunday School. Can’t remember the lady who was the teacher, her first name was Betty I think. Maybe someone knows her full name. Mr Silcox was a lovely man.
Liz Allan Rev Silcox was a great minister and person

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