Glasgow Road, 2000

Who remembers these shops then? Again, around the time of the Millennium, photographed looking over to the north side of Glasgow Road.

Few changes at this location compared to today!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Brian Fisher What happened to Maddens…?
Daniel Anderson Became a bike/auto shop and now an opticians.. May have been something else too canny mind
Arlene McWilliam Green Brian Fisher that’s going back a bit 🤣. I remember getting my Sunday coat out of there every year and all the white knee high socks for school 😬. X
Eleanor Clark Love the Chinese which was round about here Mr Ng owned it
Kirsty Coyle Was a fantastic place until it was sold on
Eleanor Clark Kirsty Coyle he had to give it up his wife was ill,but still see him in Hamilton he is a lovely man and his 2 sons
Marie Rooney Kathleen Boyle I was left outside Maddens in my pram. Mum realised she’d forgotten something when she got home!
Kathleen Boyle Eleanor i worked in the kam wah mr ng is a family friend i still talk to them on the phone x
Chris Smith Rent office next door to the Chinese
Gordon Mather Remember that row when it was Maddens, Dr Colville and Woods practice, Biggins the Dentist and Smith’s (later Victoria Wine)
Alison Cook Gordon Mather my Mum took me to Madden’s all the way from Burnbank, lol, remember it well, she was a lovely woman. X
Linda Deakins Gordon Mather Did the MATHER’s not live above those shops once-apon-a-time
Gordon Mather Yes, that’s why I know it lol, my bedroom was under the chimney to the left.
Stephen Allan The dentist was Walker and Clark before they moved into Mr Watts building on Calder Street after he retired.
Philip Pohler Gordon Mather Dr colville’s surgery was like something out of the 1800s and freezing in the winter. I mind him giving me a jaggy when I got bitten by a horse doon the Dandy
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Gordon Mather that was after Dr Colville moved out that Walker and Clark the dentist were there. That would have been in the early 80s maybe x
Stephen Allan Gordon Mather Late 90s I remember it being Walker and Clarks until about 2005 I think when Mr Watt retired which they then moved into the building he was in on Calder Street whih is now Teethscene.
Gordon Mather Thanks Stephen. We moved away from Glasgow Rd in 1977
Maz Anne My Aunts was the florist Margaret’s Florist in the 80s now Isabelle’s florist
Jane Scobbie Does anyone have any photos of Nellie Scobbie’s shop which was next to Micky’s in Stonefield Road early 60s. Thanks
Joan Anderson Used to go to Dr Coalville. You took your turn back then, no appointment needed
Arleen MP I loved that Chinese take away!
Robbie Mckean Fruit & Veg shop STILL there with the same owner The Country Shop Lanarkshire
Bobby Mckean My shop MCKEANS was the fresh fish shop I opened in 1991 I had the Fish van in Calder street for 10 years before i opened the shop
Janice Brewster Can’t believe that bobby amazing
Ray Couston What was the black shop again between the “Autoshop” Bike Shop and the Kam Wah Chinese?
James Sime I remember the freezer shop that was there before the chinese. Iceberg.
Blantyre Project when was that James? I cant remember that.
James Sime Blantyre Project when I was a wee boy. I used to go around switching off the freezers! Ooops. It was called Iceberg one – I think there were others in halfway, cambuslang etc. The others had numbers also. I think it may have been linked to Wilkies?? Think it went out of business once Capital opened down at Clydeview. It then became the chinese.
James Sime James Sime this would have been the 80’s into early 90’s maybe
Mag Fullerton Maddens baby shop…..nearest bethany hall..

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