Steps for Stan

On Sunday 24th February this year (2019), myself and some fellow colleagues from Friends of the Calder headed off to Greenhall armed with shovels and spades.

The aim was to find a set of steps in the former estate which the late Stan Paul, who once lived there, remembered as a child. We knew roughly where they were but didn’t know if they made from stone or wood. All we had was an old 1930’s photo and the steps allegedly been buried since the 1960s.

The weather was mild and around 6 of us turned up. I’m pleased to say that just one hour later, we had found them and uncovered the top sections. Much of the former stair was covered by a fallen tree, but a good attempt was made to uncover several steps which we confirm were made of stone, fulfilling a promise made to Stan back in 2017.

The Calder gave up another one of its former secrets that day!

Stan would have loved this!


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  1. I walk my wee pup in Greenhall most days and have searched for Stan’s Steps. Can you please let me know where they are.

    1. Hi Ann Marie. If you walk down the renewed steps from the car park , towards the river brdge, but take a left before it, following the river round the bend as far as you can walk, they’re hidden on the embankment below a large drop with a wall, at the back of Crossbow. Hope this helps.

      1. ann Marie mcgilligan

        Thank you Paul. Your story about Stan was lovely to read and I was so happy when you found Stan’s Steps, such an amazing thing to do for a friend. Seeing Stan’s Steps tonight was so nice, my sister Angela and neice, Emma where ao excited to see them and absolutely amazed that you were able to find them.
        I lòok forward to hearing about any plans to uncover more steps, we would love to help in any way we can.

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