Mystery of Caldervale Sheep

1938 Blantyreferme 1 & 2 from Clyde Bridge

At Caldervale (Fin Me Oot), near Blantyre and Uddingston, something bizarre was reported to police in February 1918.

One cold February morning, a farmer at Blantyreferme was going his rounds when he came across the skins of two sheep, two heads, and two full sets of trotters lying a field! The carcases had been taken away without leaving a trace of any kind, indicating that the work was evidently that of an experienced butcher or one who had at least been in the trade.

The grim matter was reported to the police, who then started making enquiries into the investigation. The idea of searching houses in the district had been suggested, but was felt it may have been too late to trace the missing mutton. When fowls are stolen, police at the time looked for feathers in ashpits, etc., but in this case there was difficulty even in identifying any bones. Police instead started to look for bones in suspicious places in and around Blantyre. It is unknown if they ever found anything or anybody for this matter!

It reminds me of similar story of the time when a cow was found in Springwells, missing its entire leg, the animal sadly having to be destroyed. It may show the lengths some people were going at the time to put food on their families tables.

Blantyreferme fields are pictured in a slightly later decade.
From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

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Liz Hunter Interested to find true name for fin me oot. We heard the name as children and took it for granted that was the correct name…..going back to 1940 ish when we were young
Stevie Mclean Liz Hunter caldervale I think
Stewart Willis Is this picture took from the rail bridge at uddingston
Blantyre Project yes, absolutely.
Jim McKechnie A certain takeaway in Hamilton a few years ago got found out taking old wintered ewes at Larkhall for their freezer after dad found one walking about wi a crossbow bolt hanging out of it
Eoan Kerr Have they blocked the tunnel under the railway down there? used to be able to walk through it but see there’s piles of stone. Haven’t been down to check properly
Historic Hamilton I would look to see if there were any Tinkers living near by! The Scottish Traveller lived off the land and moved from place to place on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. They camped on Farms, Roadsides & in the Woods. This is one very plausible theory.

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