Auchentibber Clean up

If you walked along Auchentibber Road in mid January 2019 you would have noticed things looking a little different.

The landowner has trimmed back all the tall hedges on either side of the quiet road and within their own field boundaries. A considerable area of the roadside verges on either side of Auchentibber Road (between the old school and derelict Auchentibber Farm) has also been tidied up and cleared of rubbish. Welcome news and it certainly looks tidier. Well done them!

Where large gaps once opened up into fields once inviting fly tipping, new earthwork bunds have now been built to deter illegal tipping. Again welcome news. 

There is one large re-profiling however, that was constructed by heavy machinery this week which screens off the upper field to the west of the old farm. Whilst this is the owner’s prerogative and right to do so (despite changes to this ancient landscape), at that one isolated location on the bend in the road, a new larger verge has been formed. We think this will absolutely invite fly tipping.

Certainly, the whole area is looking much cleaner and tidier. We also hear drains are being repaired and that the old farm is to be rebuilt/renovated, which is GREAT NEWS!

Auchentibber is of course a quiet, rural area, with just a handful of homes, and long may it stay that way. Blantyre is naturally protective of that beautiful area, its sleepy country lanes, scenic unspoiled views and walks. It’s one of the most popular green spaces around Blantyre. We hope sincerely, like for Centuries before, it remains untouched by modern development.

Pictures courtesy: J MacFarlane and Blantyre Telegraph

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