1980 Speedway Track

Blantyre Speedway is pictured here in 1980. Looking south across Glasgow Road the houses at Springwells are in the background. Today, much of what you see here would now be ‘Farmfoods’ and carpark.

The scene may still look unfamiliar today, not just because the speedway is no longer there, but almost 40 years on, the trees in front of the houses are now so large, they completely obscure them.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stewart Willis Are those houses gone now then?? What street would that be
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Stewart Willis no they’re still there. That’s Springwell Crescent looking on to speedway. They look a lot closer in the picture. This was before the slip road to the EK expressway etc
Jim McSorley Did paramedic duty a few times there, fortunately no incidents.
Irene Agnew Memories with Pat and Jason , Jason won’t forget the Hotdogs !!!!!
Gary Mitchell Glasgow Tigers are still going strong and now have one of the best facilities in Britain. Each Friday night from April to October at Ashfield Stadium, Glasgow.
Sean Hemphill I’ve only live in Blantyre for 4 years …this great to know ..thanks for the upload
Edd Bungle Boyle Memories of childhood I lived in high blantyre n i could hear the noise from the speedway loved watching it..
Frank Welsh Always thought it was further down nearer parks bus garage. My memory is so poor.
Blantyre Project following the closure of this track in the early 1980s the speedway did move down to Craighead park. You would be right!
Paul McLauchlin I always remember when they were racing, you could hear them all over the town.
Ian McLean Helped to build both tracks
Craig McCurdy Looks like Charlie McKinna leading Nigel Close, Happy days
Frances Doonin Hutcheson Great childhood memories of helping at the turnstiles and cafe at Blantyre Dog Track.xx
Bill Wilson I was the starting marshal
Steven Park Actually worked on that track as a volunteer to try and get it ready, still at school, was moved from ,Clifton hill ,coatbridge,so many accidents when it first opened, track just wasn’t up to it,i remember the tigers rider a wee ozzy,called MERV THE SWERVE, ANY one else remember him ?
Elizabeth Grieve Always remember the dog track. Dad went there a lot
Peter Mclachlan Loved the smell you could smell it from high Blantyre

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