1976 Blantyre High Trip

A nostalgic 19 minute video of Blantyre High School Trip in 1976.

A group of 35 pupils and staff from Blantyre High School spend their summer in Holland with PGL Young Adventure, living and travelling on a barge around the canals of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft Scheveningen & The Hague.

This was known as ‘The Dutch Barge Holiday” and features many Blantyre people. Were YOU on this trip or recognise anybody?

With thanks to Brian Mathieson for digitising the 8mm film.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Alan Baird i went on the duch barge trip the following year 1977 it was filmed too but as i have said i have never saw the film , i recognised a few faces in this film , bob pirie a maths teacher a guy called big shillin mcmillan , and tom browlee.
Cameron Brownlie Tom is the piper in the film
Máire Maigdiléana Under age and drinking Heineken?
Graeme Walker Brian Matheson…what a star!
Margaret Farmer Such a great trip!
Caroline McDougall Miss McKenzie ( now Mrs Robertson) the Geography teacher is the woman getting her rollers in.
Caroline McDougall Pauline Feelie how many can you name. You remember everybody lol xx

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