1953 Priory Street Coronation Party

Alicejan Sweeney messaged me recently saying, “My mum found a photo of the Priory Street Coronation Party. My mum Elizabeth Sweeney (Wright) is the baby in the 2nd back row wearing a bonnet. My Uncle Iain Wright is to the right of her, my gran Alice Wright (Maxwell) is the lady standing on the right, and my aunt Maureen Meechan (Wright) is front row 3rd on left.”

Over 25 kids sit nicely for the camera, complete with their party clothes and hats. It’s a great picture and this scene would have been replicated that day [2nd June 1953] all over the nation.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre Great picture!
Linda Halpin Remember Mrs Wright x
Anne Gilchrist That brings back memories for me. I was at school with your mum – Anne McCabe then! x
Andy Callaghan Anne Gilchrist Anne McCabe from the hunnersa McCabes? How are you? How’s your Mary? I was at primary with Mary
Anne Gilchrist Yes Andy eighth of eleven!!! I am now a retired old lady! Mary is doing well, has lived in Bromley for years but has had loads of trips to Melbourne and New York – a son in each place. Hope that you are doing well – and Margaret Mary. xx
Margaret Mary OSullivan Anne Gilchrist Hi Anne! Margaret Mary Callaghan here!
Andy Callaghan I remember you so well Anne. You were the cutest wee nipper with your wee round Irish face and your beautiful black, black hair. Good to hear Mary’s well. I’ve also done multiple Aussie trips as my son lives not far outside Sydney. I remember your Colum, David and Michael as well and your Mum n Dad. Could still point out your house. I’m in Hamilton, 4 grown up kids and 5 grandkids. Time sure marches on! Lovely to hear from you.
Alice Maxwell What a great picture!
Janet Cochrane We had one in Auchentibber it was held in the field opposite the memorial
Ann Wilson I have this photo. I am front row second from right . I remember the Wright ‘s well they lived in the flat above my Granny (Mary Robson) we were living with her at the time this was taken . I also have a photo off Mr & Mrs Wright with my Granny taken when they went to a neighbours wedding.J

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