High Blantyre Primary, 1980

I can remember this like it was yesterday! In June 1980, children at High Blantyre Primary School’s ‘Music and Drama’ Group put on a spectacular show!

Their annual stage production was called, “A Touch of Class” and had 118 pupils in the cast! They performed to over 1300 people over that week, the audience comprised of pupils and families. The four night run was hailed a great success with pupils and teachers giving up many nights and weekends to “get things right”.

I was in the audience, rather than on stage, but I remember enjoying the show and seeing so many fellow talented pupils “doing their thing!”

Do you know anybody pictured here? Feel free to tag anyone. Most of the kids pictured were born between 1970 and 1972.

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Arlene CampbellAlison MarshallApril Stewart-Cross
Arlene Campbell Remember just about everyone here .. best of times
Karen Sweeney Arlene Campbell isn’t that your friend Laura in the pics too ? Xx
Arlene Campbell Karen Sweeney so it is Laura Burgess
Arlene Campbell Karen Sweeney orla said I look like Matilda and neve said we all have the same haircuts
Arlene Campbell Laura Burgess step in time 2009
Bridget Irwin Ann Chatham (Ann Tennant) Fab
Myra Dolan Awe what a lovely memory so many friends we all loved being part of the shows miss Wilson mrs wishart miss Leckie and more wrote the plays one of my dearest friends Elaine Grieve Paul Grieve sadly no longer with us we all acted our hearts out, pretty sure I still have my scrip 😀 thank you for making my night Blantyre telegraph xx
Paul Grieve We still have Elaine Grieve’s script. She played Miss Pain ! Miss Wilson was such a great teacher.
Myra Dolan Paul Grieve were you not in the “bad bad bunch”? If we could only rewind for a day xxx
Paul Grieve Myra Dolan I might have been ! Or maybe I was a secondary 1st year by then ? I was in the Nativity play as one of the French men (!). I still remember some of my lines.
Natalie McLuckie Maryann McCue and Sharon Corrigan are you in any of these xxx

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