Asda – their response

Phasing Altered

Thanks to Blantyre Community Council who have managed to get a written response from ASDA regarding their retail units.

Following our concerns this week and approach by the Community Council for more information, ASDA have issued a ‘statement’ confirming they WILL build the units, but have altered the phasing of them being built, having to landscape over the area meantime, until demand and tenants can be found, the new units to be phased in at a later date.

The alteration of the planned construction work certainly took us by surprise as did their sudden amendment to planning 2 weeks ago.

ASDA give the reason for the altered programming of work as wishing to avoid the new units falling into disrepair whilst new tenants are found. A slowing of the retail market is also stated as a reason for not building them yet.

They maintain they’re committed to the regeneration of this area of Blantyre, but clearly unable to put timescales on the new building work.

As we reported, ASDA have now confirmed that they future proofed the ground running cables and ducts, that Timpsons will be moving shortly to a small kiosk building and that the progression of landscaping the whole area will be done meantime.

We watch this story closely and will advise when we can be assured their programme can recommence and when further guarantees can be secured. Meantime some of the cabins are being taken away as they downsize operations.


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