Kenny Dalglish at Blantyre

1970s Kenny Dalglish wm

What could be more symbolic of the 1970’s that men’s long hair, sharp suits, big ties and tight suits! Like this chap down at Davie Livvie’s park in the 70’s.

Recognise him? Why yes! It’s none other than Celtic and Liverpool legend, Sir Kenny Dalglish! Kenny was in his 20’s when he visited the David Livingstone Grounds, pictured here at the World Fountain. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact date or reason why he was there. I suspect a football connection, perhaps guest of the Vics or invited by one of the many volunteer organisations that decade.  The photo however is pre 1977, before the Africa Pavilions, which would now be pictured immediately behind him.

Kenny was back in Blantyre in December 2017 when he visited Blantyre Soccer Academy. The hair was shorter, greyer, but the smile unchanged.

With thanks to Gerry Kelly for sending in this fantastic photo. I never knew Kenny was in Blantyre that decade.

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Jackie MacDonald I’m sure this was part of photo shoot for Uncle Jim Cogan.s business. X
Blantyre Project Jackie you mentioned the business suited and booted Celtic players. It certainly looks like it the way Kenny’s dressed. Can you tell me any more about it?
Jackie MacDonald Blantyre Project the owner was James Cogan. Married to my Dad’s sister Jean. Between them they had a no. Of Bespoke tailors throughout Lanarkshire.
My Dad & uncle Jim were very friendly with no. Of Celtic Players of that Era. A few of them often stayed at Dad’s house after nights out.
I did have pleasure of meeting Kenny and his girlfriend and wife Marina. Ex miss Scotland if I ‘re. But when you’re s kid it was hi and off out to play. Lol.
Dixie Deans was a very good friend of my Dad & stayed often at our house too, along with a few others. Great memories of great people x

Cathy Harper Jo Greenhorn. Thought this would brighten up your day! X

Stephen Dunn It was to celebrate leaving Celtic at last away to Liverpool lol
Thomas Barrett I remember Walter McGowan getting his photo took there aswel,after he won the world title back in the 60s.
Davy Thomson Thomas Barrett I work with his nephew,, also Walter McGowan,, he’s a torn faced wee shite lol
Thomas Barrett Davy Thomson 😁so was his uncle 😁
Blantyre Project I wondered if this was Kenny when i first saw the picture. I though, “mibbies aye, mibbies naw”

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