Edward McBride 1898 – 1955

Eddie McBride asks, “I’m trying to find some facts about my grandad. His name was Edward McBride and he lived in McAlpine’s building on Glasgow Rd. He had 3 sons and a daughter they later moved to Fernslea Ave. He was a steelworker in Cambuslang and died on 6/8/55. We were always told his death was a heart attack and he was found in a stream near his work. My last surviving uncle passed away 2 yrs ago. On his deathbed he told me it wasn’t heart attack that killed him, he was found drowned in the River Clyde. I have never seen a picture of him as after the funeral my granny burned all the photos even her wedding album. Regards Eddie McBride, Blantyre.”

My search didn’t get off to the best start, unable to find an Edward McBride in Blantyre, although when I started looking for spelling “MacBride”, I found him! Coming to Blantyre between 1920 and 1925, Edward lived at 6 Alpine Street, in McAlpines Buildings at the junction with Glasgow Road. Unlike the census, the valuation rolls have his name correct as “McBride”.

Born in 1898, Edward was a miner and in 1925 was renting a modest sized apartment in McAlpine’s buildings for the princely sum of £8 and 8 shillings. His landlord was Mrs Jeannie Crow, widow who lived in Hamilton and the then owner of McAlpine’s Buildings.

By 1930, things had changed somewhat. Edward became a machineman working with steel following the closure of Auchinraith Pit. He moved home to a larger apartment at 180 Glasgow Road further eastwards. This was a former 2 storey tenement building directly above Peter Valerio’s Ice Cream Parlour and McWilliams Butchers on the north side of Glasgow Road, roughly today where Devlin Grove is not far from the junction of Forrest Street.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 16.54.14

Edward McBride Valuation Roll 1925

Unable to find a photo or newspaper story, I retrieved Edward’s Death Certificate to see if more light could be shed on the mystery. The certificate was most helpful and detailed. The date is corrected to 1st August 1955 and he was found dead at 8.45am approx 200 yards east of Dalmarnock Bridge, in the River Clyde in Rutherglen. His home was at 22 Fernslea Avenue.

Aged only 57 when he died, his parents never lived to see this event. The doctor’s verdict was “drowning”. That is not to say it is unknown why he was in the Clyde. With no witnesses, it is easy to see why the family thought he may have had a heart attack and fallen in.

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Edward McBride Death Certificate 1955

With thanks also to Robert Stewart for sending through the following picture of the McBride gravestone:


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Maryann McCue Good work 👌
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Nicola McBride Thank you Ann I’ll pass this on x
Ann Higgins Crossar It was just in case you hadn’t seen it. xx
Nicola McBride Ann Higgins Crossar thank you very interesting read x
Lesleyann Williams Would this have been maws husband my dads papa? Eddie Mcbride
Nicola McBride Yeah from the stories your uncle Vinny told me this would be maws husband.. I had the pleasure of meeting maw when she was living in flemington home what a wee character she was xx

Lesleyann Williams I can vaguely remember the house at the top of fernslea 🙈xx

Marie Higgins Oh I remb my uncle Joe said he drowned but never spoke about it great work in finding all this out about my grandfather
Gemma Kennedy Marie Higgins is this your grandfather then? Eddie Mcbride did you ask them to look in to this? Wonder what happened and why it was never spoken about? Maybe auntie agnes would know?x

Marie Higgins Yeah my dad’s dad x

Nicola McBride Thank you to Blantyre project such a great job taking time and interest in the Blantyre community 👍🏻well done 👌🏻
Eddie Mcbride many thanks for your reply about my grandad great work
Blantyre Project No problem. Happy to help in some small way. With thanks also to Robert Stewart who has provided this photo of the McBride Gravestone to add to the story.

Marie Higgins Good work brother yiu need to show this to my aunt Agnes x

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