Fallon’s Bar

I’m hoping to put more detail on to my article for the Central Bar. I have all the early history all charted, but would like to add more from 1969 onwards when the bar at 220 Glasgow Road became Fallon’s Bar.

I know John was the owner and all about the 1976 fire and a few break ins, but would like to add more about the social history of it all. i.e who frequented the place? What was it like inside? Anybody got any stories, who worked there during the 1970s? I have it closing in 1978, but given this snowy winter 1978 scene, I suspect it may have been into 1979. Can anybody firm that up?

1978 Fallons Bar wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Fairlie Gordon i was a regular there on matchdays, even when i moved to Cambuslang in 74, i still went to the games from there
William Mullen mad house..lol..grt place meet lots of mates..go 2 fitba…74..78 ?
William Mullen who had best..scarf me or big bish !! lol
William Mullen well he had more badges lol…all over the shop thou..!!….wee martain mc g…bought mine…think it ended u in spain..went 2 many a game wae bish

James Dick Drank in there in the 60 st

Brendan O’neill My grandad worked behind the bar
Catherine Docherty my mum and dad wrked there in the 70s

John Fallon Jnr They also had a social club call the Harmony club within the central bar they used to take all the kids to the Kelvin Hall at Christmas time and also had Christmas parties the attached photo was taken in The Elizabeth Scott centre 1975, would be good if we knew who Santa was ?
I think it might be John (Daddler)Aitken ?

Image may contain: 3 people, child
Jimmy Whelan Brilliant pic John, many a time standing outside waiting on ma Da after going on the bus to the game myself at 10.

We stroll along to Fallons bar
Watching our Da’s go in for a jar
We stand excited, awaiting the bus
“Big Bish” at the helm to navigate us

The London Road our destination to be
With songs of “Celtic” and “Over the Sea”
Spirits were high (if you know what I mean)
People of all ages wrapped up in the green

With Paradise in sight and no entrance fee
Praying by chance, we’d get in for free
With hopes of a double up, or a lift over
A sea of green and white, and four leaf clover

You race to the “Jungle” to take your places
Two cans on your feet, just to see their faces
Johnstone, Lennox all there to be seen
Forever blessed to wear the green

To watch grown men, with tears on their faces
As they watch their team, taking their places
Deafening chants of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
An uncanny chill running down your backbone

A similar sight I witness today
A little more civilized in lots of ways
Businessmen, families and “Ourselves Alone”
But with that same chill running down our backbone

Now things have changed in this modern day
Seats, fast foods and “Systems We Play”
We’ve had our moments, when trophies were slim
But you’ll never forget that you’re proud to be a “TIM”.

J.J. Whelan 2009


Tom McGuigan I remember coming back from Celtic park in May 1979. After Celtic beat oldco 4:2 to win the league. Johnny Doyle having being sent off it was the famous 10 men won the league game. We went in to Fallons for a few celebration drinks.

Thomas Barrett John’s uncle Tommy worked behind the bar.
Gary Doonin I reckon this photo was taken in Jan 1979

Henry Mcdonald Still the same club Tom McGuigan

John Fallon Jnr No Gary I think I’m only 11/12 there so it would make it 75/76

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