Clydeview Shopping Centre – plans

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 23.08.51Plans – Phase 2

A few people have asked what the new layout for Clydeview Shopping centre’s rebuild will look like. Attached is the planning drawing lifted from South Lanarkshire Council’s planning portal.

Asda itself is to get a brand new entrance, with renovation of the entire foyer and ATMs. Click and collect lockers will be installed and the grey slated roof of the building, along with all the frontage on Glasgow Road will be entirely re-clad.

The new Units to replace those demolished will be 3 buildings. 2 large square units and a central smaller unit. These will be built offering views between from the ASDA car park, over to the greenery of Stonefield Park. Further shrubs, trees and grass will be planted in the darker green areas amongst the whole area being hard landscaped. The whole renovated area will be larger than previous, having acquired the redundant former site of the post office corner.

Petrol Station and Parking

Original plans have abandoned the idea for a kiosk at the petrol station, although revised car parking will proceed, with disabled parking immediately beside the new units. A new turning circle for taxis will be built outside the store.

New Business

As for new businesses, we won’t speculate on any rumours being messaged to us, but CAN confirm, after confirmation from ‘Timpsons’, that the key cutting/shoe repair and photo business WILL be upgraded and move to the central unit, freeing up space in the main foyer.

The other 2 larger new units have planning permission for food and other retail aspects, leaving them open for approach from different types of businesses. However, it is unconfirmed at this time just who will be moving into them. Asda have said that the units will all be let by the time of opening and we hope to bring you letting news as it happens.

Reconstruction work on Phase 2 is scheduled to begin later this year.

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