The Red Lion (night out)

Mary Dawson shared this photo of a celebration night out in the former Red Lion Pub on Stonefield Road. The date is unknown but thought to be the 1970s.

Mary told me, “Sadly I think I may be the only one still living.”

Do you recognise this group of Blantyre folk?

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 22.37.12

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Moira Hunter Second Lady in the left Our old Wheatland Ave neighbour Mrs Molly McSkimmings lovely woman !!
Norma Cassidy Foley Wee Molly a lovely person xx
Moira Hunter Sure was had many a laugh with Molly & Andy !
Mary Wishart Blast from the past this one Mary x

Sylvia Mclaughlin John Mcskimming is that your Gran 🤔

John Mcskimming Aye looks like her Sylvia ❤️ xxx
Moira Macfarlane Is that Ellen Simpson,and Mrs berry,

Jamie Simpson Hi Aunty Moira yes that is mum third from the left (Helen Simpson). James

Joyce Simpson Aye I remember molly but don’t know the rest. X
Kelly Maguire The lady on the left was my wee gran, Helen Downie, sadly no longer with us. John Downie Ellenor McbrideTracy Bennett Diane Copland David Downie Frances Maguire
Diane Copland Ah my lovely Auntie Ella 💞
Frances Maguire Aww ma wee granny xxx
Tracy Bennett Ah 😍😍
Eilidh Duffy I was about to say…i recognise that face 😍
Ellenor Mcbride My wee mammy x
Ellenor Mcbride cant remember any of these ladiesx

Elizabeth Grieve Norma Cassidy Foley. Are you any relation to the Cassidys from Wheatland Avenue

Norma Cassidy Foley Yes I am the eldest one of the 4

Isabel Wylie David Downie rirst one resemble s your mum

David Downie My wee mum miss her loads and loads X x
Linda Kerr That’s a cracking photo, your mum never changed xx

David Downie Linda Kerr thanks Linda think about her every day X x

Jane Maxwell I am sure that’s Ella Copland at the front of the table.
Mary Sambou It is Jane
Cecil Willis Is wee Sammy still living

Ellenor Mcbride Yip thts Ella oor wee mammy

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