Cornerstone Renovation Unveiled


There were some busy pubs in Blantyre on 27th January 2018, but that Saturday evening party was most noticeably happening at High Blantyre, at ‘The Cornerstone‘.

The popular pub had been shut in recent weeks up until then, undergoing a complete interior makeover and customers we’re thrilled and excited to see it unveiled that weekend.

WOW, it looks amazing, with a very contemporary, classy look and a direction towards lighter, brighter interior colours and fixtures. Great atmospheric lighting and even the corridors and toilets refitted. Modern, clean and trendy. The pub was VERY lively this evening with people of all ages, after these pictures were taken as music and entertainment got underway.

Well done to all the staff on the relaunched look. We hope the Cornerstone continues to build on its successes in recent months.

You can follow THE CORNERSTONE here on their official FB page.

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