Mysterious Pit Shaft Accident



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On Tuesday 14th October 1924, a mysterious Accident took place at Bardykes Colliery, not far from Blantyre and Cambuslang.

At the closing of the miners’ working day, a cage containing seven or eight men was despatched from the pit bottom in the usual way, heading upwards. When the pithead was reached the alarming discovery was made that a 16- year-old lad named Wallace from High Blantyre, who had formed one of the party, was missing!

Some time later the lad’s body was found at the pit bottom in a terribly mutilated condition. The miners in the cage were unable to say what happened in the cage on the upward journey or at what part of the lad fell out. It was incredible to think he was not missed on the upwardly journey. Colliery officials were prompted to take action and open an investigation.

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From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018


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