“Bonnie Blantyre” a poem by Sophie Stirling (and dad)


23961134_1793159674059962_1766863997_oLocal man, Jamie Stirling shared this with me a few weeks ago.

His wee girl Sophie had a class task about Blantyre and wrote up this excellent poem. Typed up in the library, schoolgirl Sophie won a little reward for such a first class effort.  I love to see local children taking an interest in Blantyre and especially where they’re learning and able to tell so much history. I think it’s fantastic and well deserving.

“Bonnie Blantyre” by Sophie Stirling (and her dad!)

Blantyre my wee toon, sit and have a cuppa, i’ll show you aroon,
I’ll tell you about the places and a few famous faces,
From Auchentibber to Auchinraith to High Blantyre Church,
Where they practice their faith,
To Coatshill then Springwell, where there is always a story to tell.
The origins of the name is a little bit bleak,
From fields of holy men, to a warm retreat,
The there was Mary Queen of Scots,
Who passed through the Cawther gathering her thoughts,
And on her way she walked Pech Brae,
Hoping her army would have the last say,
Then there was Dr David Livingstone, handy with a map,
Set sail for Africa and never looked back,
Then along came the pits, where you had to keep your wits,
Next was the disaster, that destroyed all the laughter,
But of all the places I admire, nothing compares to,
Dear old Tyre!

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