Laurel Cottage, 329 Glasgow Road

329 Laurel Cottage

Laurel Cottage at 329 Glasgow Road

Constructed: >1902<1904 Other Names: None
Constructor: Richard McCall Original Address: 307 Glasgow Road
House Type: detached Villa Current Address: 329 Glasgow Road

   Brief Summary: Richard W McCall was a builder from Auchinraith Road whom, when trams arrived in Blantyre, wanted a taste for himself of owning a superior home near the Glasgow Road terminus. Between 1902 and 1904, he acquired a long, rectangular plot of land and built a stone cottage of one and half storeys.

   Richard would only live in the house for a short time, opting to rent it out to others by the First World War. His first tenant was Thomas Robertson, a relative of neighbour W.G Robertson next door. Thomas was an Architect and we cannot rule out he may have been involved designing the house he ended up living in.  

   In 1918, Richard’s son, Donald McIntyre McCall was killed in action in France during the war. The cottage would remain in the hands of the McCall family until the late 1920’s, always let out to Thomas Robertson during that time.  

   By 1930, John G Johnston, a Blantyre draper bought and occupied the cottage. John, a keen fisherman lived there for many years and was selling a 4 berth caravan from the rear of the house during 1930. In later years, a garage was added. The cottage is distinctive as it has a hedge in front rather than any wall or fence. It is attractive, well kept and remains most desirable.

From “Blantyre Glasgow Road – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Margo Clayton Spent many happy hours playing in that house with Alison.


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