Brownlea Cottages, (Jeanfield) – 319/321 Glasgow Rd

Brownlea Cottages (Jeanfield)

319 321 Brownlea House

319 and 321 Glasgow Road, Brownlea is the oldest surviving house on Glasgow Road South

Constructed: c 1869 Other Names: Jeanfield Cottages
Constructor: Robert Lindsay Original Address: 297/299 Glasgow Road
House Type: 2 storey houses Current Address: 319/321 Glasgow Road

    Brief Summary: Incredibly important building for our heritage, for by our reckoning, this is the oldest surviving house on Glasgow Road South between Springwell and the Westend! Built in 1869 by constructor and bookseller, Robert Lindsay (who lived nearby at Clyde Cottages and would later build Allison Place), it was originally called ‘Jeanfield Cottages’.

   By the early 1880’s, Robert had moved away from Blantyre and the property was bought by Penelope Galt Renfrew, of Muir Street, Hamilton, who owned it and let it out until her death in 1900. The Whitefield family lived there briefly around 1901, coming to Blantyre a little earlier and had left by 1905. On 12th October 1912, the Thomson family renting here lost a baby son (aged 10 month), named Wee Bunty.

   In 2 separate homes, it was twinned with an identical separate building to the west, and renamed ‘Brownlea Cottages’ although it is not connected in any way to the Brownlie’s of Barnhill. Of solid, functional 2 storey construction it is short on ornate detail. By 1905 John G Johnston of Glasgow was the owner, although he had died by WW1. Tenants included Henry RS Oliver, draper and Thomas Devaney, a publican.

   Owners changed often. Joseph Hughes in 1920, Alexander Struthers by 1925 and by 1930 subdivided into private homes, one belonging to Struthers, the other to Thomas Little a works manager. The Bennett family have lived there now for over 35 years.

   At almost 150 years old, we see no reason why this won’t still be standing and be occupied in another 150 years. Lovely, quality family home.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka [Page 510]

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Fairlie Gordon As usual, great reading 😀
Gillian Cunningham Loving this. Always interested in the period houses on Glasgow road. Love looking at them.

Blantyre Project SO complex having the original addresses of all these old houses changing after 1930 and the road widening. Still, i suppose they were future proofing them in doing so and making logical sense of gaps and new houses constructed in between. I was surprised to uncover quite a few stories about these old houses. This one however in the article IS a landmark building for Blantyre. I really DO believe its the oldest surviving house on Glasgow Road.
Mary Bennett Thanks so much for the update on our home. We’ve been here for over 35 years but we thought that the Struthers family were the original owners. The front door used to have a panel which said ‘Brownlie’ But we never understood where it came from. All very enlightening!
Blantyre Project Thanks Mary. Its a beautiful home and what a claim to fame it now has.

Vanessa Gal We have been in this beautiful house since may 2015. I love the character of the building and it’s great to read about the history of the property-can’t believe how old it is-obviously built to last! Great neighbours too!

Marian Maguire We almost bought this house in the mid eighties, but as we had young children and pets so decided against it as the road was too busy. The family after that, the ladies maiden names was Rodgers I think.

Mary Bennett Yes – that was us. My maiden name is Rodgers.

AmyJane Bennett Vanessa thought you would like to see this 🙂

Vanessa Gal Thanks Amy xx


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  1. Also my gran Mary Little !

  2. House where my gran ( maiden name Mary Little) lived when a girl in early 20th century.

    1. Did your gran have 5 sisters and 1 brother ??

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