Western Bungalow – 315a Glasgow Road

Bungalow (Western)

315a Western Bungalow

The modern Western Bungalow at 315a Glasgow Road

Constructed: c 1950’s Other Names: None
Constructor: Unknown Original Address: 315a Glasgow Road
House Type: Single Bungalow Current Address: 315a Glasgow Road

   Brief Summary: This cottage has a similar history to the other one of the same era just 2 houses up to the east. A modern, single storey bungalow clad in stone with a slate roof, sits back from Glasgow Road offering modest front and rear garden space.

    Built in the 1950’s on the former farmlands of Russell’s Farm at Wheatlandhead, the cottage has an unusual address of 315a. When given its address it could not have 315 which belonged to ‘Arnot’ next door and could not be given 317 Glasgow Road, as this address had already been allocated by the council for their small narrow strip of land with a small lane leading through to their new ‘Fernslea Avenue’. This bungalow was owned by the Averell family from its construction until modern times over several generations (Eric, Margaret and Tom).

   The lane to the immediate west of this cottage led to Springfield Cottage, which in the third quarter of the 20th Century was owned by Mr. Innes Reid, the father of John Reid who owned Reid Printers.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka [Page 509]

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Carole B Buchan Was my Mums friend house( my Aunt Margaret andUncle Tom Averell.Her uncle Owens the cottage next door and as far as I’m aware the land where they had their house built( now 315a ) They are both deceased now but house still owend by some of her family.

Carole B Buchan Did owen the cottage next door but not now.

Mary Bennett Mrs Reid lived in Springfield until around 1988/89. The house now belongs to the Kirkwoods.

Carole B Buchan Yes Aunt Margaret Averell died 2015 and house now belongs to her Grandson.
Moyra Lindsay And yet Eric Averrell got off the bus there from Glasgow every night and lived in that house with his mother, father and brother Ian. This was around 1963. In 1964 when I had the shop in High Blantyre Margaret came to have her hair done and as far as I am aware they had that house built for them long before that. I’m wondering if Eric lives there now as he didn’t want his mum to move.


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