The Manses, Glasgow Road 1989

Here’s a view you won’t see often. Photographed from the steeple of the Livingstone Church in 1989 is the view across Blantyre to the north, looking down on to the TWO manses, (Livingstone and St Joseph’s Manses). Looks cold, perhaps the afterwards of prolonged, snowy weather. These prominent houses cannot really be seen from Glasgow Road, hidden away, I’m sure there are still some people who won’t know they’re there.

I had to pause there, was 1989, REALLY almost 30 years ago?!

1989 Livingstone & St Josephs Manses wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Jim Donnelly All us Joe’s guys n girl will remember the Ashey behind St Joseph’s Manse,Although out of site on this photo.
Jim Canning Played in the ashy many a time Jim.
Jim Donnelly yip Jim and many a skint knee,lol
Kevin Creechan Great pic, I grew up in the second row of Park Lane just right of center there. Can make out the “Big Hoose” McGlaughlan house there too… fell in the pool there once, saved by wee Hutchie (Kevin Hutchinson I think). This looks to be the only pic I’ve seen to include the brickwork at the school gates in Park Lane. Used to swing on the gate and climb on the pillars 🙂
Great memories. Miss it.
Melanie Creechan Braniff Wasn’t 1989 just yesterday?! I can’t be that old yet!
Peter Kelly Can just make out the house where I grew up. The first house, in the first row, that runs along Park Lane. On the right of the photo.
Kevin Creechan I used to hang out with your brother John.
Mark Ashton Peter my old house just hidden from view sadly. Great picture.
Tom McGuigan Plenty money in Religion obviously. When these buildings were built our grandparents were living in poverty. Where was their God then, or now.
Religion is the opium of the Masses
Karl Marx
Sharon Morrison Doonin St Joseph’s would refer to this as the Chapel House rather than the Manse.
Jim McSorley Yes played football there during playtime
Alex Graham The tap a coatshill played the bottom of coatshill at fitba on the ashey
Aileen Hamilton There was a tennis court behind the Chapel house in the 1950s I remember
Marian Maguire Two lovely houses.
Jan Ritchie I grew up in Livingstone Memorial manse. I was 9 when we moved in and left when I got married at 23. Lovely big house to grow up in but VERY cold in the winter. X
Elizabeth Bradley I was in the Chapel house many times after collection Sunday. Betty Clarkin Bradley
John Berry Been in the manse many times seein my gd friend jim hunter an meetin our sadly lost friend graham little.. god bless
Aileen Farrell I remember visiting my good friend Jan Ritchie in the David Livingstone manse, had many a lovely time and good laugh too, her Mum and Dad are such lovely people. xxx
Jan Ritchie We had many a laugh Aileen xxx Happy memories xxxx💖
Aileen Farrell Yes definitely Jan, xxx
Arlene Campbell St Joseph’s Presbytery house
Fiona Mchugh Cara gran and grump’s old house xx
Cara McHugh Aw that’s so cool!! Did you see someone commenting further up that he met uncle Graham here xx
Fiona Mchugh Yeah, it’s Jim and Graham’s pal John xx
Cara McHugh Aw that’s so cool haha, it doesn’t look like this anymore aswell. It’s so cool that they all grew up there and it’s almost famous haha so funny seeing everyone commenting about it when it’s just Gran’s house lol xx

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