20th Century Glasgow Rd – Part 1 of 2


    1903 saw the arrival of trams in Blantyre, with lanes laid from Burnbank all the way to Stonefield Road outside the St Joseph’s Church, being built around that time. The line was extended westwards later in 1907 to carry on into Halfway. There is no doubt that the trams further assisted the prosperity of businesses in those boom years.


Trams in Glasgow Road during 1910

     By 1910, most of the properties on Glasgow Road on either side, had started to merge with each other, residents packed into homes, forcing the build of further homes like Mount Pleasant in Springwells and more villas this time on the south side, opposite the Parkville, then the home of the doctor. The exception to all this were homes and businesses on Glasgow Road in Springwells, which still sat in isolation, separated from the hive of activity on the rest of the street, by the railway lines crossing nearby. Further streets off shooting at perpendicular angles all along Glasgow Road were appearing, as were small parks and ground for recreation. By this time homes stretched almost all the way to the Westend, although not really beyond to the west.

    The depression and strikes of the 1920’s did not affect the expansion of the street to any visible extent, certainly on maps and by the 1930’s with the selling of homes to private individuals, Glasgow Road had become an urban collection of private properties of hundreds of people, with population in their many thousands. 

An extract from “Blantyre Glasgow Road – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017


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