Bla’an’tir Inn, Main Stret

Bla’an’tir Inn – Ten years ago

Remember this on High Blantyre Main Street? Photo from 2007


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Kenny Beecroft RIP Ian Hoad !
The Blantyre Project when did Ian pass away, was it a few years ago?
Kenny Beecroft yeah , maybe about 3 years ago , he was only 50 .
The Blantyre Project thanks Kenny. I did hear he died young.
Carol Willshire The Octopus Band played here!
The Blantyre Project i never saw live entertainment in there anytime i was in, (which wasnt often). Any other bands you remember?
Jim Donnelly Wee played in their,Still got some photos,Also the rat pack background of Dean Martin & co.

Shahid Razzaq Some change to that building

Laura Sillars Marc Rodden! Your auld fav lol
Lisa Innes I wonder what time of morning this was taken ,, most likely half of high Blantyre where still inside 🙈🤣 Carolann xx
Danielle Gebbie Elaine Irwin remember we used to go here and Stephen Reidused to gives us shots on way to matts x
Elizabeth Lovatt where on Main Street is this……is it at the top of Victoria Street?
The Blantyre Project Main Street not far from junction of Cemetery Road. Its now Family Shopper.
Elizabeth Lovatt Thank you so much
Ryan McDonald My 2nd home.sadly missed.
Elizabeth Grieve Was in it more when it was the Stones
Geordie McClenaghan The Stones was the best pub in history😉
Dani Clarke Angela Walker Johnnie Polockus I remember you took me here 1 night didn’t have a scoobie where I was left when the birds were tweeting 🙈😂 xx
Colin McAllister Used to work in it and only ever knew it as the Stones!!!
Alessandro Schiavo You made big change Mo . grazie !!! See you soon ciao Frocio
Debbie McMillan Stephen Reid heres a wee throw back for ya xx
Boab Jack Subway
Steven Radcliffe The old stones hotel …. mad house on a sunday afternoon
Robert McLeod-Wolohan remember it well, i stayed a couple of nites there lol
Elaine Slater Remember it we stayed there when we came to your 21st !!!
Stephen Reid I was bar manager here Ian & Wilma for few years , have lots great memories here with the public . We started live music and karaoke which we’re really busy nights , our favourite nights we’re with joe Gallacher & Ryan Fletcher .
Dawn Myers-John I remember it well! Seems like a lifetime ago we worked there!
Stephen Reid Dawn Myers-John they were the days lol
Donna Fairlie Marcos Gallardo Ian Buller a few good nights in there !
Marcos Gallardo Omg I completely forgot about the Blantyre inn! 😂good times!👍
Robert Henderson Was in it when it was stone’s
Scott Cameron Played 🎱 for stones hotel when we won the league!!!
Irene Agnew we had our ruby wedding in there !!!!
Johnny O Orr Was that no50years ago
Shiela McCormick Meals were lovely sadly missed
Meg Hamill Jim Chance Your 40th 😂
Jim Chance And a great party that was lol
Eddie Boyle Did that not used to be the stones?
Sandra Mahon Could write a best seller on this place 👀
Mary Maguire went to the stones with ma da god rest him wee frankie innes
Thomas Barrett I worked in it for a while when my uncle Frank Doonin owned it the Livingstone Hotel then about 1975
Rita Calder It was called something else before that, my Daughter s Christening was held there on 1975 it was not long open.
Meg Hamill Stones x
Ray Couston I remember, very briefly, around 2009/2010 it was Boulers Diner – an American style restaurant.

Apparently, the owners spent a lot of money getting the place converted and done up for the themed restaurant, and for whatever reason, it just didn’t take off.

Isobel Paterson Auntie Grace worked there
Cathy MacDonald Scott Was there a pub in the 70s with a name like Hearthstone? Stone Hearth? Thanks.
Helen Williams Don’t recall this one, is that the old Livingston bar?
Jane Dargue We used to call it ‘the chib inn’ back in the late 80’s early 90’s. I remember a guy running from there past us on Victoria street with a tumbler sticking out of his face! Brutal times
Angela Flannigan Mcguigan The stones hotel when i was growing up my dad and uncles local
Martin Smith The old Doon Inn
Davy Starrs the auld livvy.
Hugh Sanaghan Stab inn
Margaret Brown Jacqui Brown was the bar maid.
Janey Murray Margaret McLaughlin Russell your wedding was in here x
William Paul Gallagher Brian Connelly from the Sweet was in there one time at the height of his fame – lots of young girls teenagers hanging about ootside – with his make up long blonde hair and a purple silk shirt he certainly stood out from the normal Livvy bar clientele

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