1975 St Josephs Primary Staff

21167263_1532674180125919_3388489554971255613_oAfter the interest in todays post about Mrs Callaghan, I wondered if she was pictured here in this photo showing all of 1975 St Josephs School Staff?

Can you name any of the other teachers?

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Mhairi McGaulley Second from the left on the top row is Mrs Fletcher. In the middle of the second row is Mr McShane. I think second from the right on the top row may be Mrs McGuiness.
Tracey Ann Campbell Mr Clements next to Mr McShane and Mrs Donnolly with her sunglasses on
Karen Ward mr clements .mrs donnely. mr bonnar..mrs macartney miss toker.miss cox..x
Rosalind Elliott Think i may have names on back of my picture.. need to look it out x
Margaret Brown Burns She is between Father Dempsey and the headmaster
Ann Watson Back row 4 in Mis Helen cox front row 1st left miss McCrystal
Martin Smith Got many a whacked ankle from old Toker.
Mary McGarrity Helen cox in back row
Michelle Devine Aww some of my old teachers Mrs fletcher and my favourite Mrs mc cartney there few in here I recognised scary Mrs mc guiness terrified of her check out Mr clements loll good memories xx
William Mullen ned cushley.bonnar weres miss quinn lol ……mr kenzie mc)
Rosalind Elliott Front row: left-right..miss mccrystal, can’t remember next lady’s name but she was head dinner lady, fr.dempsey, miss king, mr bonnar (HT), mr degnin, mrs mcCartney, mrs.robinson, miss finnan
Monica Whelan Recognise:- Miss Finnan, Mrs McCartney, Mr Bonner, Miss King, Fr Dempsey, Mrs McNeil, Mr McShane, Mr Clements, Mrs Donnelly, Mrs McGuinness, Miss Cox and Mrs Fletcher…no bad 👍🏽
Frances Doonin Hutcheson Mrs Mac Neil second row second in from left.x
Rosalind Elliott Middle row left-right
Not sure first lady Betty ? but she taught me to crochet!, mrs macneil, mrs sweeney (miss wright), bridget?, next man was a student, mr.mcshane, mr. Clements, mrs elliott(miss brown), mrs donnelly, mrs gollogly(miss drummond), lady at end was secretary in office
Elaine Speirs Ann Hartman some of your old teachers
William Mullen would love 2 see foto my class 61………..mrs beaton was a dinnerlady ….extra chips lol
Rosalind Elliott Back row left-right
Miss morris, mrs fletcher, miss o’neill, miss cox, janitor( mr cushley i think), miss asby( mrs burnett), mrs macpherson, mrs mcguiness, sheila from office
Anne Marie Murray Mrs Callaghan is not in the picture or Miss Toker..
Stephen Mccarroll Lawson Top left you got the belt for being late with mr Gallagher lol
Cecilia McDaid McCann Mrs Gollogly is in it.xxx
William Mullen top left female
William Mullen mary mcneill music top rite ???
Martin Smith I think thats my mother on the back row last person on the right!!! She was a secretary.
Rosalind Elliott Did i get it right.. was her name sheila? X
Martin Smith Yes Rosalind it was Sheila!!
Sharon Kerrigan I started St Blanes’s in August 1975 and she was my teacher, so if pic was taken after that, she would no longer be at St Jo’s.
Rosalind Elliott Which teacher are you talking about sharon?
Sharon Kerrigan Mrs Callaghan mentioned in original post. 👍🏼
Isabel Mcneily Would love to see earlier pictures if any are around from 1966+
Ellen Fagan Front row, second from right ….Anna Robinson.
Anne Marie Murray Mary McNeil not in this picture! This was the primary teachers..
Rosalind Elliott Mary o’neil .. primary teacher is in the pic x
Matthew McGuigan Miss McCrystal was my teacher when I passed the eleven plus and left to go to Holy Cross. Loved her 😀
FiFi Ní Chaisil Mrs Donnelly , mr mcshane , mr clemance, mrs McCartney , mrs gogiley. Mrs McNeil teacher, mrs fletcher, miss cox absolute lady .
Karen Borland Miss Elliot…she was my teacher for 2 years..
Rosalind Elliott That’s me.. hi karen x
Anne Callaghan Mr Mc Shane / mr Clements/ mr Dougan aka wee Charlie p5 and p6 – brilliant teacher – miss Kelly also brilliant – had her in P7/ Miss Mc crystal / father Dempsey in front row next to mr ??? HT/ miss toacher will be there too mrs Mc Guiness and others I can’t remember !
Liz Anderson 3rd row first on left Miss Morris, great teacher,,,,,,,
Geraldine McLaughlin Lori x I see Mary in this x
Catherine McGlynn My sister, Rose Donnelly, third from the right in the middle row.
John Krawczyk I had Mrs Callaghan on my early days at st Joseph primary.
I also had miss Cox and mr mcShane who both were great and in centre of pic. Miss Cox was a great piano player and actually stayed around the corner from me . Mrs Callaghan stayed 3 doors away from me.
Very happy days at the Joes 🙂
John Krawczyk Is that father Demsey? Was an alter boy at the St Joseph’s and remember him .🙂
John Krawczyk My brother had miss Toacher.
Jackie Paterson Miss Cox was my teacher in the 80s she was a great teacher a stay round the corner from her used to see her walking her dog all the time a think she is very frail now and has carers going in to look after her x
Elaine Speirs Mrs McPherson is back row third from the right. I had her at least 2 year. I was terrified of Mr Bonner. Mr Cushley the jannie was a nice man.
Mick Watson Mr Sammy Clements, best teacher I ever had.
Anne Marie Murray I am talking about miss Mary McNeil a wee mix up with Mc Neil’s …
Alicejan Sweeney Jim Sweeney Show this to my mum.
Hugh Sugar Kelly so did i John
Josie Caserta I had miss shields but l can see her in the picture
Samantha Hunter Mrs Callaghan is not in this pic…wish she was …my grans relative x
Catherine Smith Mrs Fletcher and Mrs donnely..


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  1. I can see my brilliant teacher Ms MacNeill, second from left , middle row. I was Dux on that stage in 1975, and miss her so much. I spend 6 weeks each spring in the Outer Hebrides, near Barra where she was from. Brilliant school – brilliant pupils. Joe

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