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2015 Livingston family gravestone

2015 June.Discovery of a Livingston gravestone laying near woodlands. (PV)

Catherine Livingston is noted on a broken gravestone within the David Livingstone Centre. “Cath. Livingston” on that lower piece of gravestone fragment refers to Catharine Livingston born abt. 1785 near the Cove or Cave at the southern end of the Isle of Ulva.

Her Parents Neil Livingston Sr. and Mary Morrison and their family left the Isle of Ulva in 1792 and she of course ended up in Blantyre, Lanarkshire.

Catharine Livingston married Duncan McKinnon on January 30 1807 in Blantyre and she and her husband Duncan a dyer lived in Blantyre Works.

Children of Duncan McKinnon and Catharine Livingston were

1. John McKinnon b. Dec. 15, 1807 Blantyre Works,
2. Neil McKinnon b. Oct. 2, 1809 Blantyre Works,
3. Mary McKinnon b. Dec. 1811 Blantyre Works,
4. Charles McKinnon b. Dec. 1813 Blantyre Works,
5. Catharine Mckinnon b. Sept 12, 1819 Barony, Lanarkshire
6. Daniel McKinnon b. abt. 1821,
7. Duncan McKinnon b. Aug. 24, 1822 Glasgow, Lanarkshire,
8. Margaret McKinnon b. April 5, 1925 Glasgow, Lanarkshire m. Peter McIntyre,
9. Ann McKinnon b. May 28, 1827 Glasgow Lanarkshire m. Charles McKay.

In the 1841 Scottish Census Catharine McKinnon age 50 is residing on Muslin Street in Barony, Lanarkshire with youngest daughters Margaret age 15, Ann age 14 and a son Daniel age 20. She is not recorded in the 1851 Census in Lanarkshire and possibly died sometime between 1841 and 1851.

Thanks to Donald Clink for his assistance with this.

As for the stone? I asked for the Livingstone Birthplace Project to be mindful that the fragment exists and to perhaps try to accommodate it in the renovation. Cath was likely buried in the old works cemetery and when that was cleared, the stone must have made its way closer back to Shuttle Row.
This is part of the Livingstone heritage and I hope it is not forgotten about.

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