1981 Destruction of the Lido


1981 Bothwell Bridge lido wmThese remarkable photos date from 1981, as construction commenced on the third and final phase of the East Kilbride Expressway from Auchinraith down to Raith.

1981 Bothwell Bridge abutments wm

In particular, these photos are of Bothwell Bridge, looking towards Hamilton. If you look closely, you’ll see the excavators beginning to undertake work at the former Lido Park, removing the former beautiful park to make way for the new Expressway.

Other photos show the abutments at the opposite side, holding the elevated road to Hamilton.

1981 Bothwell Bridge destruction lido wm

More photos of this work coming later in the week.

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Janette Stark Had lots of great times here as a young child Rachael Kerr
Elaine Speirs I remember swimming in the lido in 1971. I used to walk their with my cousins (Jock) Wildman. Many happy times.
Rachael Kerr We sure did sis brings back a lot of good memories x
Graham Elder Looking forward to seeing some of pics of the whistleberry road and the roundabout were it joins the Hamilton road hopefully
Spinrek Kestler Had lot’s of fond memories from my childhood down there, on a summers day, you couldn’t move, there was a little hut that used to sell pokey hats, such a shame these places all died of death. When I was a kid summers seemed to last forever jumping fences to sneak into Davy Livy’s without paying, days out down the Lido, the Cawther etc. Ah memories

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  1. I went on a circular walk from Bothwell Bridge down Whistleberry Road, under the Expressway and rejoined the path and found the remains of the Lido. it wouldn’t take much to enhance it and make it safe

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