Newhousemill Road Watertank


Shared here by George Young, this recent photo is off the old circular watertank just off Newhousemill Road. Not far from Stewartfield Farm, the brick built tank dates from the 1880’s and is still a ruin today.

I don’t have further information about this, so if anybody knows what exactly it was used for, please feel free to get in touch. I can’t help but feel this looks fairly dangerous, with nothing on the sides to hold on to , if somebody fell in.

2017 Stewartfield Water tank wm

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Daniel Anderson Possibly a tank to store water was the use?😊
Brian Weaver I worked at Stewartfield Farm in the 1960s and it was a typical, family-owned dairy farm of the time, milking about 34 Ayrshire cows. Dairy farms require large quantities of water and I suspect that the tank supplied all the needs of the farm. Health and safety wasn’t a big thing then. As a child, you were taught what was dangerous and although we had freedom to roam anywhere in Blantyre, there were dangerous places like this water tank but we knew to avoid them.
James Stirling i heard that it was a mine shaft
The Blantyre Project it could possibly have been. Heavily mined area and mines often filled with water when they became exhausted.

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