1970s RG Barrett & Co


1970s-rg-barret-co-3-wmThese photos kindly shared by Michael Barrett show his family garage and workshop at 19 Church Street, near the top of the cul de sac, during the 1970s.

According to my notes, in 1970, Mr Barrett, the father of Michael, started a small bus business at Craig Street but had to move in 1973 when plans of redevelopment began to unfold. He moved to 19 Church Street taking over from the Baxter’s Bluebird Buses. Barrett manufactured car body sills.

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William Feechan I’ve bought more than one pair of sills from Barrett’s in the seventies and also parts from Duncan’s and Charles Ireland,s scrapyards to keep the old bangers going
William Feechan Iooks like Jeff pates old hillman in the background
Carol Crombie Never ventured to the top of church street very often as a kid so I’d forgotten this existed
Mary Boyle Immediately behind these buildings is Elm St where I was born

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