1950 Clyde Braes

1950-craighead-viaduct-wmHopefully this is a first for this picture online. Taken in 1950, it features the Clyde Braes just down from the end of John Street and looks across to Craighead Railway Viaduct in the background.

How steep the braes were, more so in the 20th Century with Craighead bing. Of course the viaduct is no longer there , the pillars being demolished in the last decade. The photo gives a good sense of how wide the Clyde is here and I think this whole area is often hidden from many people in Blantyre not realising that parts of it are still accessible.

(c) Blantyre Project

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Gord Fotheringham This was as I remember…..the springwells bing……a footpath all the way from the village to the viaduct……then up to the train station to watch the horses being unloaded…..

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