1930 Anderson Church


1930-anderson-church-wmContinuing with brand new ‘old’ photos of Blantyre. This photo dates from 1930 and celebrates the renaming of the former Church on Stonefield Road and the new hall to its right. The manse to the left, the new hall is to the right.

In 1871, the predecessor church at this site midway down the eastern side of Stonefield Road, was burned down. This more substantial church replaced it in 1872 to compliment the existing beautiful, stone manse house at the rear dating from 1844.

The bell from the previous church was placed into this steeple. This was known as the Blantyre United Free Church but later in 1929 took the name of Anderson Church, named after Rev Anderson. Affected by subsidence, likely from the nearby Larkfield Colliery (Dixons Pit 4), the steeple was later demolished to make safe, giving the church an unusual appearance with a flattopped “steeple” not much higher than the roof itself and it is that design many people may remember. It is unknown what became of the bell.

This church burned down completely on 8th June 1978, a tragic sight I will never forget.

Party from “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Arlene Campbell I remember that day also paul
Arlene Campbell Paul I lived off burnbrae road .. could see the flames and we all ran up to the church also watching it go up in flames .. so weird to see this photo
Marian Maguire Yes so very sad to lose a lovely building.

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