1977 Queen Mother visits

1977-queen-mother-at-livingstone-centre-wmPictured here on 24th May 1977, is the Queen Mother in Blantyre’s David Livingstone Centre. The tour followed her visit to open the Africa Pavilions, which had been built earlier that springtime.

It was likely a memorable visit for the Royal mum, for she had been there 48 years earlier, in her time as Duchess of York, when she had opened the David Livingstone Centre in 1929, in front of crowds of 12,000 people.

Whilst the crowds were smaller in 1977, I have distinct memories of her black car going along Glasgow Road and like many families, standing on the pavements hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Station Road was similarly busy with people waiting for the royal visitor.

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Jean Steven Frame Alex Frame do you remember this?
Alison Walker-Hill I was part of the Girl Guides guard of honor around the World Fountain for this visit. I have a picture somewhere that was in the Hamilton Advertiser at the time.
Anne Gibson Omg I was there part of David Livingston School. My mum had an old cinie camara and I took it in to the new building what the Queen Mother was opening. Got a great close up her
Anthony SmithCan anyone remember some ‘ royal ‘ person driving through Blantyre after the official opening of the Hamilton County Building in 1964
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve I remember this visit and where I was standing that day
Ian Dino McDougall We must have been in the same class Elizabeth! I remember being about half way down on the right hand side when she came past.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Was at Auchinraith a year before I went to high school
Fran Mcdermott Walters Karen Ward was this not the year your class sang for the queen x
Shirley Hollywood I remember this too all the kids from st Joseph’s came.out to line up at station road to wave to her as she passed on route to david Livingstones
Jane Mcguigan You’re right Shirley, I remember it very well!
David McClelland I remember this for some reason, I was 5. Think we were on Station Rd. I remember being annoyed at not getting picked out the class to meet her 🙂
Karen Paterson Simpkins I remember it well Anne Gibson.
Catriona Paterson Were we not in first year Karen Paterson Simpkins and Anne Gibson.
Drew Burnett I was there with David Livingstone Primary School. Brings back memories!
Ian Dino McDougall I remember it well..I went with the rest of my class to station road..and we had little union jack flags. ..just seems so long ago now though. But a nice memory.
Elizabeth Weaver Great pic of Bill Cunningham too.
Anne Ellis I am sure I have a souvenir brochure of it somewhere x
Jean Mcclean David livinstone pupils attended. I think she arrived by helicopter.
Elizabeth Lovatt Mr.Cunninham looks great here…..where is Betty though!
Rita Tastard I remember being there with David Livingstone Primary School.
Stephen Allan Who is Bill Cunningham?
The Blantyre Project Bill was the warden for David Livingstone Centre, the museum curator if you like.
Philip Pohler we were there on station road, waving out wee union flags


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  1. I was 10 primary 7. stood just down from the big gates we used to sneak in for nothing. Angela Shaw Angela Toner Brian Watson Davie Adams Robert Paihler Ian Wilson Laurie Gray Lorraine Weir Karen Cochrane Kevin Knobes George Cunningham Andy Buchanan Alison & Billy ♥ Kenny Barbour Cameron Smith Robert Miller Jacqueline Macdonald Miss King Mr Fairley Mrs Grey(Miss Hally, makes a good password) Mrs Doyle Mr Lewis Mr Macnally the Janny. we saw the queen mother bless you for this website

    1. Arlene King

  2. Remember this day well.was standing outside Mecca bookmakers.when the queen mother passed.

  3. My parents were invited guests at the visit in 1977. The organisers were asked to supply the Queen Mothers favourite -cucumber sandwiches-which apparently they did in what my mother described as “rather an over abundance -in type style and filling”

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