Ford at Holmbarns


1910s-river-calder-high-blantyre-wmThis photo likely from the 1910s or 1920s has prompted some discussion. It’s marked up “River Calder” but does not look like any location at Milheugh or Bardykes.

I think this is the former Ford (water crossing), just south of the Holmbarns location. It was close to Newhousemill Road and Edge Farm at the High Calder.

I’ve marked up an overlaid map showing where I think it is with a red dot. The Ford would have been a good subject for such a photo. Topography, woodland, bend in the river all fits.


Today, as Jim Brown’s modern photo shows, the land profile is similar, the trees more grown but you can see how there are similarities.


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Chris Ladds I am certain this is Walkford aka Torrance Ford, from which The Barn of the Ford took its name hence ‘Holmbarn’ which appears in early charters. This view would appear to be contemporary with other views from the Calder in the same style and finish, and so I think it would be 1914-1920, although more likely 1918-1920. A great find.
Chris Ladds Jim’s view will be from slightly more upstream.

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