1978 David Livingstone Primary

Another old school photo surfaces shared here from Arlene Green. This time a little more modern than we’re used to seeing here. The year would appear to be 1978, David Livingstone Primary School. The primary four class led by teacher Mrs Monk.

Can you name anybody in the photo. Feel free to tag? Whats your memories of the teacher and being a Livvies pupil of the 70s?


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Emma Reilly Mrs Monk is still at the school but is now the nursery teacher. A job she has done for almost 20 years ( I think) She was one of my favourite teachers and she is such a lovely lady 😊 I am going to pop in and show her this pic if not today then in the new year.
Leaha Anderson Omg! Look how young Mrs monk is 🙂
Gordon Mather Kenny Mather check you! Middle row 3rd in from the right
Philip Pohler You had blonder hair than Kenny, Gordon
Ricky Clyde Tom Clyde back right
Anna Zorzos Mrs Monk what a great teacher. 💗
David McClelland Think I left in 1978, in P2. A few hazy memories!
James Nicholl Had Mrs Monk in P1 and P7. Wonderful teacher who inspired me to train as a teacher.
Andrew Proctor Mary Proctor, had you started in Livvies this early?
Georgina Durnan Big rab Johnson x
Càrlŷ MćPhëë Scott Hughes is that you lol?
Lesley Hartley I showed this to Mrs Monk this morning at nursery Paul and she said it’s actually 1976. Someone telling fibs about their age perhaps 🤔😂😂 she said she has this photo and her husband always tells her she looks like an air stewardess 😂😂
Scott Hughes Càrlŷ MćPhëë A had Mrs Monk in P 1 , not 4 as a had Mrs Stewart in P 4
Stephen Allan Mrs Monk was there when I started primary school in 1989 and I think she is still there now and also when I started in 1989 a guy called Mr Lewis was head teacher.
Glen Duncan i think top 3rd right is mark wilson from crossbasket. Just a guess though.
Arlene McWilliam Green I know who they all are but not all on Facebook to tag!
Donna Fairlie Mrs Monk is such a lovely lady. She was my teacher then my sons nursery teacher. David Livvies wouldn’t be the same without her 🙂 xx
The Blantyre Project So Mrs Monk has been at Livvies from at LEAST 1976 and is still teaching there at the same school? Thats an incredible career to be in one place.
Lesley Hartley And if I remember my mum correctly Mrs Monk was actually taught there too 😱
Emma Reilly I think she will be the longest serving teacher at the school. Mrs Roy retired a few years ago after 39 years.
James Nicholl Yeah Mrs Monk went to school there also im sure
Gordon Mather A few bowl cuts in there boys!! I can remember most faces but not all the names, Richardson Brothers, Tony Holmes, David Mackie, Joan Philips, oor Kenny,
Stephen Allan Anyone know if Miss McIvor is still there?

Glen Duncan i think top 3rd right is mark wilson from crossbasket. Just a guess though

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