1904 Glasgow Road


1904-glasgow-road-wmThis photo was taken in 1904 on Glasgow Road. These shops were once located on the north side of the road not far from where the top of John Street was. Men stand on the pavement, perhaps standing out of the way as the new trams passed by.

Today, the man with the black trousers would be standing practically on the roundabout on Glasgow Road, leading down to John Street and near to Asda petrol station. Of course the top of John Street was realigned. Back then, the top of John Street was just out the picture to the right. It’s a very stark reminder just how much Glasgow Road has changed.

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Joan Anderson I wonder if that’s the shop which eventually became Gilmour’s. small shop at the left side was their backroom and Thompson newsagent was next one along. Can anyone confirm this?
Martin Smith Dint know Joan i was born in Glasgow Rd at the top of Bairds Row. Above the dentist. I think he was called Biggins. Among other names!!

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