1910 High Blantyre Road

1910-burnbank-parish-church-wmWhilst these 2 photos are actually outwith Blantyre on the outskirts of Hamilton, they are excellent photos and feature High Blantyre Road, leading into Blantyre.

Pictured is Burnbank Parish Church (the Ivy Kirk), a very rural scene and High Blantyre Road showing a distinct lack of traffic. They were taken in 1910, a few years before the First World War. Of note are the cobbled street crossings, so people didn’t have to walk on the carriageway mud and just look how green and overgrown the southern, left side of the road is. Quite different from today and the ‘modern’ homes there. The church is ivy clad , although clear of ivy today. Certainly the building looks nicer in these photos that the current status, which now has windows boarded up.

This is of course Hamilton, so I’ll get back on Blantyre as a topic tomorrow….but I couldn’t resist showing you such charming, clear photos taken so close to our boundaries.


(c) 2016 Blantyre Project

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Betty McLean I was Christened in this church in 1937
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