1903 Bothwell Bridge


1903-bothwell-bridge-wmI like this photo of Bothwell Bridge. I suspect it was taken to celebrate the building of the monument of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge. The monument was built in 1903 using money raised by public subscription. You’ll see the lack of vehicular traffic and indeed, the lack of any tram standards, meaning the picture can be dated to 1903.

The river looks unusually low and the vantage point is taken from the exact boundary of Blantyre Parish.

It is known that at least one Blantyre man was involved in the Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1679. Mr. Andrew Reid was hanged in front of his house and indeed in front of his wife and children at Kirkton, after being caught for his part in the uprising. But that’s a story for another day……

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Archie Peat Taken from what we used to call the ” Lido ” Half way on a long walk down the Whistleberry Rd and back to Blantyre via Bothwell and the David Livingstone Bridge. ” we were fit in those days “!!!

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