Craighead Viaduct 1903


1903-craighead-viaduct-1-wmAn incredible and rare photo in brilliant quality of an old train going over the Craighead Viaduct. This 1903 photo was in a small booklet of old photos taken of Low Blantyre given to me some time ago.

I’ve scanned it in good resolution to pick out some details. I can just imagine the photographer sitting on the bank of the Craighead property waiting for the right time to capture the image as a train went over the viaduct, high above the River Clyde towards Bothwell.

I was interested to see a small building under the viaduct, on the riverbank near the Craighead estate. It’s not on the 1859 map, but is there on the 1898 map, shown as a ruin in 1910 map and gone entirely by 1936 map. I suspect it may be a gas governor building for Craighead but unsure. Looking at the photo closer, it could have been a small boathouse as there appears to be some sort of slipway adjacent to it, and what looks to be an elevated pipe, perhaps for waste.

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