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Thomsons Newsagents was a former mid 20th Century newsagents shop on the north side of Glasgow Road located on the lower floor of Millar’s buildings, stone tenements.

The shop was a newsagent, stationer, tobacconist and confectioner. Situated between John Street and Clark Street, it had address 154 Glasgow Road. Alexander Thomson, more commonly known as Sandy, owned the premises in the 1940s and 1950’s.

Do you remember anything else about Thomson newsagents or can add some detail to this family business?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul D Veverka (c) 2016

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Alison Glen I’ll ask my mother in law. It was her father’s shop.
The Blantyre Project thanks Alison. That sounds great!!
Alison Glen It has been a trip down memory lane in our household with my mother in law recalling many memories of the shop and her father. Paul, she says to give her a call if you need any further info.Sandy moved to Blantyre in 1927 after being a pattern maker atSee more
Joan Anderson Alison can you ask if Gilmour’s drawers shop was next door, please
Alison Glen Yes Joan! When they moved to the new shop it was next door to Gilmour the drapers!
Joan Anderson Thanks Alison that was Mum and Dads shop. Our other grandparents owned Hastie’s Farm. We were born and brought up in Hamilton
Archie Peat I won the Alex Thomson Prize for Citizenship at Calder St. Sec. In1957. a book ” My Brother Jonathan ” which I still have.
Pamela Campbell I loved that shop I bought my dressing dolls and scraps thei

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