Blantyre Markets


Markets – When Blantyre was made a Burgh in 1599, the weekly market was fixed to take place on a Thursday and an annual fair was to be granted on 14th October “for buying and selling of flesh, fish, oxen, sheep, meal, peas, corn, barley, linen and woollen cloth skins and all other goods, victual and merchandise.”

In the 20th Century, Tuesday markets were held in front of Hastie’s Farm. Also, later in spare ground near Logan Street and Victoria Street. The market closed abruptly when the land was acquired by compulsory purchase order. People voiced their concerns and it was moved briefly to space near Glasgow Road, (later to become Devlin Grove.)

In the 20th Century, markets tend to be confined now to fetes, events and gala days. In 2012, the Blantyre Community Committee organised a successful Christmas market, one of the largest in Lanarkshire, which has become an annual event, attracting around 70 stalls each year. Pictured is Blantyre’s indoor Christmas market in 2015, which that year was held inside due to inclement weather.

Do you remember Blantyre’s markets of old?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Anne Irvine Loved the markets. My gran purchased a bread knife probably early 70,s when it was at Hastie’s. It was well used until she passed away 11yrs ago. That’s when I acquired it. Still using it to this day. As good as new!!

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