Eleanor Roxburgh Dance School

A photo shared by Ann Crossar of Eleanor Roxburgh’s Dance School taken around 1977 or 1978. This was pictured from the Hamilton Advertiser and the photo is before their annual show in Village Theatre EK.

Ann is the fourth in on the first row, next to Myra Cunningham. Pictured also are Clare and Debbie Logan, Sharon Kyle, Gail Russell, Debbie Fulston and the late Karen Leggate. Do you know the rest of the girls?

Eleanor Roxburghs Dance School took place in the hall at Cemetery Road and all forms of dance were taught including majorettes. I can clearly remember those 1970s Village Theatre concerts as my sister went to this dance class and the annual show was attended faithfully by all of the Veverka family.

1977 Eleanor Roxburgh Dance School wm

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Janet Cochrane Joan went to Eleanors dancing at the same time as Joanne my grandaugters still go I helped backstage at every concert for thirty odd years

Susan Flannigan Mayes Looks like Jane Gordon from Glenfruin Road 3rd from right front row.

Susan Flannigan Mayes We went for years. Eleanor lives in Strathavn and just looks the same! She now teaches the grandchildren of the girls she taught.

Bernadette Keenan Yeah it does Susan

Kerry Tremble Kevan I went to Eleanor ‘s dancing in 1980 when I was 5 for couple of years great memories 

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