County Road Gangs

Colin Gilchrist of New Zealand has sent me this photo adding,Thought you might be interested in the old Lanarkshire way of sealing the roads (red chips if I remember). I think there could be a McLean in the photograph as My Uncle and cousin both worked for the County road gangs.”

Colin’s family are related to the McLeans who had an aerated water business in High Blantyre in the early 20th Century. I hope to tell the story of the McLean’s shortly and have some brilliant photos to accompany it.

Road construction is of interest to me. By day, I am a construction manager, originally in civils (roads and roundabouts). I started out with RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd, a constructor of many roads in Lanarkshire including Blantyre. What a great picture. Difficult times, when machinery would certainly be doing that work now.

Do you recognise the location in this photo or perhaps your family had involvement in the old County Council road gangs. I’d love to hear more…

1950s McLean County Road Gang wm

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James Waddell Above the 2 guys on the left hand side I can see the top of a bing, was there many bings in blantyre ? I know there were a good few in Halfway. Looks to me like it could be a road between Blantyre and Halfway looking towards Halfway ? Could he wrong though.

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